Multi-Effects Processor

Self-amplify guitar effects such as chorus, reverb, distortion, delay, phaser, tremolo, acoustic boost etc. from the body of the guitar using our patent pending vibration control system.

Bluetooth Speaker

The guitar body can amplify audio from third party sources such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and even Skype.


Record, Loop, and Share

Instantly record new song ideas & guitar licks and share them with your friends on the cloud. Use our looping feature to create your ownbacking tracks to jam over.

Mobile App Control

Use our mobile app to control the settings on the guitar, customize effects, share recordings, and manage backing tracks. Available on Android TM & iOS.

Responsive & Dynamic Acoustic Guitar

Built with custom specs that guarantee excellent craftmanship, natural feel, and a rich range of tones.

Extra Features

Tuner, metronome, volume control, EQ, real-time effect control, input and output jacks.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI algoritms maximize the quality of your sound and add features that increase the boundaries of your creativity.

Introducing The World’s First Smart Acoustic Guitar

Here are some examples of what the HyVibe Guitar can do.