The World's First Smart Acoustic Guitar

Wireless connectivity & custom sound control

Rediscover Your Guitar

Pristine acoustic sound, stellar effects, pure playing pleasure.

Turn Your Guitar Into a Wireless Speaker

Amplify songs & backing tracks directly from your guitar’s body

Unplug and Play

Say goodbye to cables, amps, and pedals.

Here is just a taste of what the HyBridge can do.

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What is a Smart Acoustic Guitar?



The body of your guitar becomes its own amplifier. No need for cables or speakers.


Record & Playback

Record yourself.  Play it back. Save it for later, or jam over yourself.

Stellar Effects

Add and modify built-in guitar effects to your acoustic sound.

Wireless Speaker

Stream music to your phone to use a backing track or stand alone speaker.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI algoritms maximize the quality of your sound and add features that increase the boundaries of your creativity.

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